Voices of Smoke-free Communities

Secondhand Smoke: It's Personal

All have been impacted by secondhand smoke (SHS), whether we have a loved one who has been harmed by SHS or we have health problems from SHS exposure ourselves.


Smoke-free Laws: Workers Have the Right to Clean Air

No one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck.


Secondhand Smoke: Paying Attention to the Science

The debate is over. The science is clear. Secondhand smoke is deadly.


Smoke-free Laws: Protecting Health

Smoke-free laws protect the public health, saving lives while creating only a minor inconvenience to smokers.


Smoke-free Laws: Smart for Business

Smoke-free is good for business.


Opposition: Welcoming the Debate

Smoke-free improves lives.


Comprehensive: The Only Way to Go

Only comprehensive smoke-free laws provide all workers with clean air.


Smoke-free Laws: People Like Them

Most people support smoke-free policies; Kentucky communities and surrounding states with smoke-free policies love the results.


Secondhand Smoke: A Serious Public Health Threat

The Debate is over, the science is clear: secondhand smoke is a serious public health threat.


Smoke-free Laws: A Popular Decision

Experience with smoke-free laws shows they are popular and effective.


Smoke-free Laws: What Local Elected Officials Say

Local elected officials talk about doing the right thing to protect their constituents.

Smoke-free Laws: Protecting Workers

No one should have to risk their health to earn a paycheck.

Smoke-free Laws: Good for Business

Smoke-free laws do not negatively affect business.

Smoke-free Laws: It's Personal

Smoke-free improves lives.

Opposition to Smoke-free Laws: It's Really About Health

Opposition to smoke-free laws downplays the health issue by reframing the debate around personal or business rights.

Smoke-free: What Does It Mean to You?

Smoke-free protects health and improves the quality of life.