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The Rural Smoke-free CAT (Customized, Automated Tool) is an online tool that allows you to:

  • Gauge your community’s readiness for smoke-free policy
  • Adapt best practice strategies and products tailored to fit your community
  • Help your community advance smoke-free policy

The information collected from this tool will be accessible only to the faculty and staff of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy. Your information will be combined with data received from other advocates for your Community Readiness Report. No individual responses will be reported nor will your name be used in the report.

The online tool is powered by Qualtrics, an online survey software site that hosts the data collected on secure servers. However, there is always a risk that data may be intercepted when it is transmitted over the internet.

Once responses have been received by a total of 3-6 smoke-free advocates from your community, the data will be analyzed and you will receive a Readiness Report containing links to evidence-based Strategies and Products to help you in your smoke-free campaign.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to assess readiness and provide strategies for your smoke-free work, at least three people from your community must complete the Online Readiness Survey within a one-month time frame. If at least three participants do not complete the Readiness Survey within one month of receiving the email invitation with the survey link, KCSP will not be able to provide a Readiness Report, Strategies, or Products.

Link to CAT Survey

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Portrait photo of Amanda Bucher

Amanda Bucher Program Coordinator II