Type of Law    
100% Smoke-free Workplaces, Enclosed Public Places, and Certain Outdoor Places. Prohibits use of tobacco products in enclosed public places, places of employment, and city-owned outdoor areas including parks, sports arenas, trails, swimming pools, spray-grounds, and playgrounds. Electronic smoking devices and hookah included.
Where smoking is not prohibited    
Personal dwellings; retail tobacco stores; indoor smoking areas provided in state or federal government office buildings or workplaces pursuant to KRS 61.165; enclosed places owned and occupied by private organizations or clubs; private vehicles; Paxton Park golf course.
05/13/2018    Implementation of Amended Ordinance
04/10/2018    Enactment of Amended Ordinance
04/01/2007    Implementation Date
09/26/2006    Ordinance Enactment Date
09/12/2006    First Reading

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