Type of Law    
Partial. Public places, public parks, restaurants, bars opened and/or created after the ordinance effective date, areas granted an encroachment permit, and areas granted a special events permit, and within 25 feet of outside entrances, windows, or outdoor seating areas. Enclosed public places and workplaces, outdoor arenas and stadiums, and public grounds within 25 feet of the property boundaries of a school, College or daycare.
Where smoking is not prohibited    
Bars opened and/or created before the effective date of the ordinance; private residences except when used as a childcare, adult day care or health care facility; restricted areas where the public is not permitted; parking lots being used for vehicular parking unless such areas are within an active encroachment permit or special events permit; public sidewalks; public streets.
10/15/2014    Implementation Date
09/03/2014    Ordinance Enactment Date
08/19/2014    First Reading

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