Type of Law
100% Smoke-free Workplaces and All Buildings Open to the Public, and within 15 feet of entrances to these establishments. All buildings open to the public and other establishments where employees work on the premises. E-cigarettes, hookah, and marijuana included.          
Where smoking is not prohibited
Private residences and extended stay lodging, except when used as a licensed childcare, adult day care, or healthcare facility. Tobacco businesses. Facilities owned or leased by tobacco manufacturers or wholesalers for the promotion, testing, research and/or development of tobacco products. E-cigarettes that do not contain nicotine or tobacco can be used in e-cigarette retail stores. Non-tobacco containing products can be used in hookah lounges that were in operation before May 1, 2017.
08/20/2017    Implementation of Amended Ordinance
05/11/2017    First reading and Enactment of E-cigarette and Hookah Amendment
01/11/2008    Enactment and Implementation of Comprehensive Ordinance with no Churchill Downs exemption
12/21/2007    Ordinance overturned by Judge ruling it unconstitutional citing Churchill Downs exemption
07/01/2007    Implementation of Amended Ordinance
10/06/2006    Enactment of Amended Ordinance
11/15/2005    Implementation of Partial Law (all buildings open to the public, with significant exemptions)
08/17/2005    Enactment of Initial Ordinance
08/03/2005    First reading of Initial Ordinance

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