Type of Law    
Partial. Most enclosed public places and places of employment. Includes electronic smoking devices.
Where smoking is not prohibited    
Private residences; a private organization except when the establishment is open to the public; retail tobacco store provided that smoke does not infiltrate into an area where smoking is otherwise prohibited by the provisions of the ordinance; a person or entity which sells tobacco products, only permits smoking of the products it has sold to customers in the enclosed public place, does not permit entry to anyone under 21, has a designated smoking area which is physically separated from other areas of the enclosed public space and has a centralized ventilation unit servicing only the designated smoking room.
02/22/2024    Enactment and Implementation of Amendment Weakening Ordinance 
09/03/2019    Implementation of Amended Ordinance
06/03/2019    Enactment of Amended Ordinance Including E-cigarettes
09/07/2009    Implementation Date
06/01/2009    Ordinance Enactment Date
05/04/2009    First Reading

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