Type of Law
Partial. All buildings open to the general public in the unincorporated areas of Franklin County (does not include City of Frankfort). E-cigarettes and vapor products included.          
Where smoking is not prohibited
Any dwelling; room or hall used for private social function and not open to public; any room used for psychological treatment of nicotine addiction by licensed health care professional; physically separate and independently ventilated room in a hospital, hospice, or nursing home open to all residents as a smoking room; retail tobacco store; tobacco warehouse; as part of theatrical production; facilities not open to the public operated by private organizations.
12/20/2019    Implementation of Amended Ordinance
12/20/2019    Enactment of Amended Ordinance to Include E-cigarettes
05/04/2012    Implementation Date
05/04/2012    Ordinance Enactment Date
04/12/2012    First Reading

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